Twenty Fourteen Theme entry-header, entry-content Responsive Padding

When changing the width of the browser where the css media queries define the layout between (min-width: 594px) and (min-width: 673px), the padding of the entry-header and entry-content varies. This is not an issue on the default white background of twentyfourteen but if a colour or image is used then the entry-header and entry-content has a T shape which looks a bit odd.

The wider padding of looks better between the above resolutions, but I’m not sure which one was intended.

See below for details.

LEFT & RIGHT PADDING EQUAL: the entry-header and entry-content have the same padding:

LEFT & RIGHT PADDING NOT EQUAL: the entry-header has more padding than entry-content:


EXAMPLE: site-main has had a repeat image placed to highlight point (from )

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