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Hello, my name is Bharat Karavadra. I help to...

Transform and heal
your life situations to
experience new possibilities.

I research practical and leading-edge information, tools & exercises to help transform & heal personal and business life situations. Why?... because I found myself having to discover ways to improve my life situations. On my journey, the universe brought some awesome people, information and exercises that actually created change in my life situations. I now share my experiences so that you can transform and heal your life situations.

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Design, deliver and develop internet based applications to help grow your business.

I've been creating with software since I was 14 years of age for myself, other people and businesses from sole traders to multi-national corporations. I currently focus on WordPress websites, integrating related apps and services, and online marketing. However I have experience of a variety of technologies and markets.

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What I'm doing at the moment.

  • Researching perceptions that the global COVID-19 situation has uncertainties or agendas that are reducing freedom and choice, and developing exercises for living through the virus situation and beyond. 
  • Working with a core team in the local area where I live to help support people through the COVID-19 situation.
  • Researching concerns about the HPV vaccine Gardasil, from reports questioning the vaccine’s safety, it’s actual effectiveness, it causing health issues such as auto immune disorders, and with there being law suits against the manufacturer.
  • Working with clients to design, manage and develop technology solutions.
  • Helping my daughter be creative in her experience of life with a focus on presenting and creating on YouTube.
  • Practicing and refining personal transformation and healing exercises for myself and others.
  • Redeveloping this website.

Updated 12th May 02021.

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Thank you for your patience whilst I re-develop this website.

Bharat Karavadra

Bharat Karavadra