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Hello, my name is Bharat Karavadra.

I research practical and leading-edge information, tools & exercises to help transform & heal personal and business life situations.

Learn how to transform & heal your life situations.

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Learn how to transform and heal your life situations.

Try the free introductory course. It contains key foundation information and exercises for you to make a start in transforming and healing your life situations. Enter your details below to subscribe to the course or read on for more information.

The introductory course has a scientific foundation, specifically in the field of quantum physics and especially how reality behaves and is created at the quantum level. Therefore the course applies to many, if not all aspects of the human experience of life.

The information and exercises in the introductory course form the basis from which other courses are developed. It is also the course that all people (including those in the case studies above) have subscribed to or been taught personally by me to some extent to transform and heal their life situations. 

I continuously develop and refine this course and other transformation and healing information and exercises. Therefore, after subscribing and taking the free course, if you want to receive other supporting information, then please remain subscribed and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

Please note that the free course is for you to try to both make a start to transform and heal your life situations, and also for you to find out if you feel we can work together before you request personalised or fee based transformation and healing support. 

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Personalised transformation & healing service and courses.

I have a remote healing service which where I develop a personalised course to transform and heal an undesirable life situation that you are experiencing. You can find out more and purchase the personalised remote healing service here.

I also develop deeper personalised courses to help you transform and heal your life situations with or without the element of remote healing. You can contact me here if you are ready and want to go deeper with a personalised service now.

What else I'm doing at the moment.

  • Researching perceptions that the global COVID-19 situation has uncertainties or agendas that are reducing freedom and choice. Developing coronavirus awareness and exercises for living through the virus situation and beyond. 
  • Working with a core team in the local area where I live to help support people through the COVID-19 situation.
  • Researching concerns about the HPV vaccine Gardasil, from reports questioning the vaccine’s safety, it’s actual effectiveness, it causing health issues such as auto immune disorders, and with there being law suits against the manufacturer.
  • Working with clients to design, manage and develop technology solutions, especially WordPress websites
  • Helping my daughter be creative in her experience of life with a focus on presenting and creating on YouTube.
  • Practicing and refining personal transformation and healing exercises for myself, others, and paying clients.
  • Redeveloping this website.

Updated 5th October 2020.

Get help with designing, managing & developing websites and other online solutions.

This may feel strange next to transformation and healing but before I started my research into the field of personal development in 2007, I helped people design, manage and develop software applications for their cause or business and people still ask me for my help in this area. I try to keep up to date with technology so that I can both help myself and clients and I currently focus on developing WordPress websites, and integrating different online apps to create customised solutions. You can see most of the client and project work here (it's in between the personal transformation and healing case studies whilst this site is being developed).

Ask questions and send your messages.

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Thank you for your patience whilst I re-develop this website.

Bharat Karavadra

Bharat Karavadra