My name is Bharat Karavadra.

I research and share leading-edge information, tools and exercises to help people transform and heal their life situations.

Services & website update.

I am re-developing the services I offer to help you due to the coronavirus situation and so this website is also being udated.

Your personal transformation & healing.

I develop personalised courses to help you transform and heal your life situations. To find out more whilst I redevelop this site, please read some case studies and supporting articles here and contact me to find out more.

Get help with designing, managing & developing software solutions.

I also help people design, manage and develop software applications for their cause or business, and especially using WordPress websites. You can see most of the client and project work here (it's in between the personal transformation and healing case studies whilst the site is being developed).

Questions & messages.

Click here to contact me.

Thank you for your patience during the developments.


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