My name is Bharat Karavadra.

I research and share leading-edge information, tools and exercises to help people transform and heal their personal and business life situations.

What I'm doing at the moment.

  • Researching perceptions that the global COVID-19 situation has agendas that are reducing freedom and choice.
  • Working with a core team in the local area where I live to help support people through the COVID-19 situation.
  • Working with clients to design, manage and develop technology solutions, especially WordPress websites
  • Helping my daughter be creative in her experience of life with a focus on presenting and creating on YouTube.
  • Practicing and refining personal transformation and healing exercises for myself, others, and paying clients.
  • Redeveloping this website.

Updated 1st August 2020.

Transform and heal your life situations.

I have a remote healing service that can help you transform and heal your life situations. You can find out more and purchase it hereI also develop personalised courses to help you transform and heal your life situations.

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Trannsformation and healing case studies:
Whilst I redevelop this site, please read some case studies and supporting articles below, and contact me to find out more.

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Get help with designing, managing & developing websites and other online solutions.

I also help people design, manage and develop software applications for their cause or business, and especially using WordPress websites. You can see most of the client and project work here (it's in between the personal transformation and healing case studies whilst the site is being developed).

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Thank you for your patience whilst I re-develop this website.


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