My name is Bharat Karavadra.

I research and share leading-edge information, tools and exercises to help people transform and heal their life situations.

How to experience transformation & healing in your life situations.

Learn information and practise exercises to dissolve blocks which you may be unaware of to experience freedom, joy, and growth in all areas of life.

Your life situation ranges from being...

A Desirable Situation

With you feeling:

Peace to satisfaction, contentment, hope, well, happiness, abundance, enthusiasm, passion, joy, freedom, bliss, empowerment to love.

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To being...

An Undesirable Situation

With you feeling:

Boredom to frustration, overwhelm, disappointment, sadness, worry, lack, unwell, jealousy, blame, anger, revenge, hate, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, shame, grief, depression, powerlessness to fear.

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I will show you how to transform and heal your undesirable situations to create the space to experience desirable situations.

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Experience transformation and healing in all areas of life:

Money & Finances
Thoughts & Emotions
Tasks, Projects & Goals
Parenting & Children
Intellect & Learning
Health & Fitness
Character & Personality
Social Relationships
Spirituality & Life Purpose
Peace & Joy
Career & Work
Love Relationships
Quality Of Life & Manifesting

Learn to dissolve your blocks and become unstuck in areas of life relevant and important for you.

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What you will receive when you start:

Introductory information & exercises:

Scientific universal information and 3 free exercises by email.

I use the word scientific because the information and exercises are from research in quantum physics. I use the word universal because results from the research show how our reality really works, and how it applies to everyone and everything in the universe.

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Ongoing support:

Ask questions and share your experience of using the 3 exercises, and receive ongoing support.

You have to digest and remember the information in your core being, and then actually practice the exercises to experience a shift in your reality. You receive 14 days of free online support by me for the 3 exercises, and then other ongoing support by email.

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Real 'self healing' examples.

These case studies are of me transforming and healing my own undesirable situations.

A 30 year fear of dogs disappeared with 2 hours of 'work' in 4 days.

Healing a fractured foot within 3 to 4 weeks (medical advice was within 12 to 18 weeks).

More self healing examples coming soon.

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Remote healing examples.

These case studies are of me transforming and healing undesirable situations of others.

How career opportunities can appear without chasing them.

4-month inner ear fluid build-up cleared in 4 days.

More examples and remote healing course coming soon.

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Exercise 2, on day 2 (free).

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Exercise 3, on day 4 (free).

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14 days of free support for the 3 exercises.

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The information and exercises are not a quick fix to your problems, although it is possible to experience immediate results.

This is not about getting what you want, even though you may experience getting what you want, or desirable situation.

Life situations can get more intense before their intensity decreases.

There is no set way transformation and healing will happen for you, even though a shift in awareness, consciousness and the nature of your situation does happen.

This is for you if you are ready to commit to helping yourself by making the time to understand and practice exercises for experiencing and living life in a new way.

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Why I do what I do?

I found myself experiencing some very undesirable situations which over a few years felt as if I was dying in a very 'dark' and unfriendly reality.

Almost every aspect of my life was falling apart and I couldn't work out why I was experiencing what I was or what to do about it.

The more I tried to make situations better, the worse they became.

Because I remembered enjoying life in the past, in a plea for help, I asked the universe for my life back.

Happiness is not in getting what you want.

The universe replied by showing me what is often called the law of attraction (that we can consciously manifest our reality with our thoughts).

The universe effectively brought to me the law of attraction, with the law of attraction.

I researched it, practised it, and it often worked.

But even when I experienced getting what I wanted, what I got and my life situations did not make me happy.

That is where my search started for what I was missing.

Everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.

-- a quote of Jim Carrey, the actor, after him using the law of attraction to manifest 10 million dollars (7 million pounds) and then later becoming depressed. Read more about this here.

Since seeking the truth of what I was missing,  I have received 'answers' as various forms of information and teachings.

Most of the information and teachings are based on quantum physics, metaphysics, and life experiences of other people, and also some of myself.

Since then I have been practising and refining exercises which bring knowledge in the form of internal thoughts and insights.

The information that I previously did not know, becoming aware of it and some exercises, and more so practising the exercises created shifts and transformations both my inner and outer reality.

The inner reality I am referring to is our thoughts, emotions, and sensations in and on the body.

The outer reality is the external environment of the world containing other people and things, which also includes the body.

High-level feedback from the universe.

As well as receiving 'new' thoughts and insights by practising the exercises, information and messages are also received from the external environment such as people, media, and other 'outer' life situations.

The inner thought based answers can be best described as aha-moments, intuition, ideas, epiphanies, or insights.

These internal thoughts and insights I now know would not have come without wanting to know the truth of what I was missing and without practising the exercises.

One of the biggest truths I eventually discovered was that wanting to have my life back was an inappropriate request.

That is because asking for my life back would have effectively created a journey eventually leading to similar undesirable situations.

The unknowing spiritual journey.

What I was shown was that I could have the experience of life but not have my life back, and that I had to let go of what I knew, to learn anew and grow from where I 'was'.

This was one of the most difficult aspects of the journey and that is where the exercises help.

I discovered that the desire to have the same or some experiences 'back' creates suffering because the human aspect of life is an ever growing expansive experience.

I also discovered that we play a part in creating all our situations in life, including both desirable and undesirable situations.

What I was missing was to learn how to transform and heal the undesirable situations to create the space for desirable experiences to happen and grow.

This and other information and teachings have helped me to let go of inappropriate desires and unlearn what I previously thought I had to know and do.

Without thinking of or wanting it, I eventually realised I have been on what is often described as a journey of 'spiritual awakening'.

This journey has created profound insights into how and why many undesirable situations were created, why my reality was falling apart, and what to 'do' and not do about it.

The information, teachings, the practice and the journey have and continue to help transform, heal, bring insights for, and help break free of undesirable situations (general unhappiness).

The ongoing research and practising also create shifts, transformation and healing in the perception and experiences of inner thoughts and feelings, and also in the outer life situations including:

Money & Finances, Intellect & Learning, Peace & Joy, Thoughts & Emotions, Health & Fitness, Career & Work, Tasks, Projects & Goals., Character & Personality, Love Relationships, Parenting & Children, Social Relationships, Manifesting & Quality of Life, Spirituality & Life Purpose.

Save yourself years and experience real results.

Some shifts, transformation, healing and insights have been quite modest, and some have been awesome and close to miraculous.

That is why I am refining all the information, teachings and experiences to create simple yet effective information and exercises that can save you years, if not decades in:

  • fulfilling your true desires and avoiding the deception of wanting.
  • receiving the deepest answers about your life situations and life in general without huge effort in searching for them.
  • breaking free from negativity, problems, and being stuck.
  • searching for information and practices, and spending thousands, if not more on self-help techniques.
  • and even if you are happy, perhaps helping you to later avoid negativity, problems, and being stuck.
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