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Transform Life Situations.

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Grow Your Business Online.

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Kickstart & Deliver Projects.

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Create Vocation & Habitation.

A bit about me...

  • I am single, and the father of a beautiful daughter.
  • I mostly live and work in Birmingham, United Kingdom where I was also brought up and educated.
  • I have experience of, and can, travel to other countries and continents for client, project and personal desires.
  • I have experience of, and can, work with individuals through to multi-national corporations.
  • I have experience of working in a variety of types and specialisms of businesses.

Skills & experience...

  • Research and practice of quantum physics, metaphysics and spiritual experiences that help people transformation and heal their life situations: 10 Years.
  • Design and development of interactive and electronic applications: 20 Years.
  • Kickstarting new projects, and speeding the delivery of existing projects: 20 Years.
  • Developing, managing, and growing web applications, and your general Online systems and communications: 20 Years.
    • Hands on HTML (Good): 20 Years.
    • Hands on Javascript (OK): 18 Years.
    • Hands on PHP (Good): 14 Years.
    • Hands on MySql (OK): 14 Years.
    • Hands on WordPress (Hosted) (Good): 9 Years.
    • Hands on CSS (OK): 10 Years.
  • Creating vocation, teams & habitation in challenging environments: 7 years.

Organisation size experience…

  • Individuals / sole traders.
  • Small businesses.
  • Large / national organisations.
  • Multi-national corporations.

Geographic experience...

  • Vocational: North America, Europe, Asia.
  • Personal: North America, Europe, Africa, Asia.

What I do…

I show people how to break free from and avoid getting into negativity, problems and being stuck, and how to start, and continue, to experience their true happiness, answers and freedom in their personal, work, learning, and business life.


In 2007, everything I desired and knew started falling apart.

I demanded my life back from the universe, and the universe showed how and why I was experiencing what I was, and what to do about it.

When everything was going wrong, not working, or not working out, I didn’t know why I was experiencing what I was.

My reality seemed to be falling apart and suddenly at the same time.

In the simplest words, the experience felt as if I was dying in a very dark and unfriendly place.

That is said with no dramatisation or desire to seek attention.

I, however, knew deep within myself that I wasn’t intentionally doing anything wrong.

And with the frustration building, I demanded from the universe to have my life back.

The universe replied by showing me what is often called the law of attraction — that we can consciously manifest our reality.

Happiness is not in getting what you want.

I tried it, it sometimes worked, but even when I experienced getting what I wanted, the results did not make me happy.

That is where my search started for what I was missing.

Everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.

-- a quote of Jim Carrey, the actor, after him using the law of attraction to manifest 10 million pounds (7 million dollars) and then later becoming depressed. Read more about this quote.

Since seeking the truth of what I was missing,  I have received various forms of information and teachings.

And mostly from quantum physics, metaphysics and spiritual experiences of other people, and also from within myself.

When I am open to receive, knowledge comes in the form of internal thoughts and insights.

Messages and teachings are also received from external the external environment as people, media, and other external life situations.

Within myself, the knowledge that comes can be best described as aha-moments, intuition, ideas, epiphanies, or insights.

These internal thoughts and insights I now know would not come to me without wanting to know the truth of what I was missing.

That truth I eventually discovered was that demanding to have my life back was an inappropriate request.

That is because the request would have created similar experiences with perhaps greater pain.

The spiritual journey.

What I was shown, was that I could have the experience of life but not have my life back, as life just is.

I discovered that my human experience is a part of life, although we have the slight ability to co-create our experiences in life.

And it is only when we are not unhappy that life experiences, and the law of attraction, bring to us our true desires and experiences that serve our individual human perspective of life.

This and other information and teachings from quantum physics, metaphysics and spiritual experiences have helped me to learn to unlearn what I previously knew.

This has helped to create the space to learn what I perhaps actually should know.

Without thinking of it or wanting it, I have realised I have been on what is described as a journey of spiritual awakening.

This journey has created profound insights of how and why everything was falling apart, how it was created, and what 'to do' about it.

One of the early and most significant insights, as above, was that asking for my life back would have created a journey leading to similar, if not the same or more intense experiences of negativity, problems and being stuck.

The information, teachings, their practice and the journey have and continue to help break free of experiences that we call negativity, problems, being stuck (unhappiness).

Practice also creates real and lasting shifts, transformation and healing in the perception and experiences of all life situations.

If I knew what I know now, I truly know that I could have avoided experiencing that very dark and unfriendly place.

That is why I am refining all the information, teachings, practices and experiences that I can to create an all-encompassing course that will save you years, if not decades, in:

That is why I am refining all the information, teachings, practices and experiences that I can to create an all-encompassing course that will save you years, if not decades, in:

  • avoiding the deception of wanting.
  • searching for your deepest answers to life.
  • avoiding getting into negativity, problems, and being stuck.
  • spending thousands, if not more, on self-help techniques.
  • and even if you are happy, experiencing your true happiness, answers, and freedom.

Discover the one biggest mistake that almost all people make when they try to solve any problem.

Get Help Transforming A Life Situation

I help you start & grow your business online by developing web applications, and integrating appropriate systems & communications.

In 1997, I created my very first websites which were also the first websites for Vandenburgh Foods’ Peperami Snack, Rover’s Mini Motor Car, and J.P. Morgan’s Euroclear Financial System.

Since then I have been developing websites, related online systems for various businesses, and fortunately created a few world firsts.

I also can and do help in the ongoing the management, development of the websites, related systems, and the business itself.


As an only child, my best friend was a ZX Spectrum computer and when I couldn’t find games to play, I learned how to program code and create my own toys on the computer.

It was a way by which I could creatively express myself and I carried on learning about digital media and creating a variety of products.

Whilst on my university degree course, I was offered a job with a digital media company and was informed it was one if the highest paid jobs a student had been offered from that course in 15 years.

I have since worked with computing technology in various fields from advertising to learning to the web where I have helped to create a few world firsts and mass use applications.

I also like to keep up to date and apply technology applications in general.

How I can help you...

I research and help develop web applications and their content for mass use by maximising reach for multiple browsing devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

I use WordPress as a foundation to develop web applications for new and small business and projects, and then train clients and their teams to manage regular content creation and updates.

I can also help develop custom web applications from scratch.

I can help manage and keep up to date the technology so that web applications continue functioning.

I can help in the on-going development of web and software applications as I believe they are an integral part of most businesses, and can always be made better.

I can help in creating awareness and managing presence on search engines, social media and other niches on the internet where humans “reside” in our virtual reality.

I can help with in-bound marketing to on-site users to help in engagement and conversion for specific business requirements.

I have hands on programming skills to create both static and dynamic asynchronous HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL web browser interfaces for web server systems which can help reduce development costs, and also help in prototyping, briefing and managing larger development teams.

My experience....

Creating, managing, and developing web applications, and general online systems and communications: 19 Years.

  • Hands on HTML (Good): 19 Years.
  • Hands on Javascript (OK): 16 Years.
  • Hands on PHP (Good): 13 Years.
  • Hands on MySql (OK): 13 Years.
  • Hands on CSS (OK): 9 Years.
  • Hands on WordPress (Hosted) (Good): 8 Years.

Experience a fresh approach to creating and growing web applications for your business.

Get Help Growing A Business Online

I help you kickstart new projects, and speed the delivery of existing projects.


I have always liked developing new ideas and seeing progress and especially in helping as many people as possible.

How I can help you…

I try to create a market conscious perspective when approaching new ideas and projects. This helps to quickly identify immediate action steps required to make progress and further define and deliver progressive project milestones.

I help create and re-create project management and delivery teams using the most appropriate skilled, experienced and compatible resources.

I can help organize, re-organize, train and re-train human resources to help deliver new ideas and projects.

Whether you are are an individual or a large organisation, I should be able to help as I have experience of working within many industries ,and sole traders with modest turnovers to multi-national corporations with turnovers of 10s of trillions of U.S. Dollars.

I help you create vocation and habitation in challenging situations.


My parents have been separated since I was a child and I have experienced how people can live unhappily in the same space.

I have managed to create as peaceful and habitable an environment as possible in a modest house whilst my parents’ separate desires and lives.

I try to use that experience to help others who are challenged to re-invent themselves in some way.

I have put together and trained individuals and groups who would not usually work together to create both teams working together locally, and virtual teams working together in different countries using the internet and remote working applications.

Developing challenged people and environments can often make a refreshing change from introspection and technology.

How I can help you…

I can help create acceptance and knowing to move past challenging beliefs, relationships and situations.

I can help manage individuals and put them together to create teams to help develop vocations and organisations.

I can help re-create challenged real world life situations and environments to make them more habitable.