Welcome to my website. My name is...

Bharat Karavadra

I research and share leading-edge information, tools and exercises to help people transform and heal their life situations...

...because I believe our human experience of life should be enjoyable, we should feel a sense of freedom, and be able to create growth in our life and that of others.

Transform yourself

I also like developing websites like this one to help individuals and organisations to develop their business online....

...because I enjoy researching, testing, and developing technology and it's applications in general. I currently focus on websites.

Grow online

A bit more about me.

  • I am single, and the father of a beautiful daughter.
  • I mostly live and work in Birmingham, United Kingdom where I went to schools, college and university.
  • I have experience of and can travel to other countries and continents for client, project and personal desires.
  • I have experience of and can work with individuals and sole traders through to multi-national corporations.
  • I have experience of working in a variety of types and specialisms of businesses.

Activities & experience.

  • Research and refining of information and exercises from quantum physics, metaphysics and life experiences that work to create real lasting transformation and healing: 10 Years.
  • Design and development of general interactive and electronic applications: 20 Years.
  • Kickstarting new projects, and speeding the delivery of existing projects: 20 Years.
  • Starting, managing and developing web applications, and general online systems and communications: 20 Years.
    • Hands on HTML (Good): 20 Years.
    • Hands on Javascript (OK): 18 Years.
    • Hands on PHP (Good): 14 Years.
    • Hands on MySql (OK): 14 Years.
    • Hands on WordPress (Hosted) (Good): 9 Years.
    • Hands on CSS (OK): 10 Years.
    • Hands on SaaS & local software integration: 10 Years.

Organisational size experience.

  • Individuals / sole traders.
  • Small businesses.
  • Large / national organisations.
  • Multi-national corporations.

Geographic experience.

  • Vocational: North America, Europe, Asia.
  • Personal: North America, Europe, Africa, Asia.