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How To Increase Website Page Load Speed With gZIP Compression For Images, CSS and JS files

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On 9th May 2016, I added gZIP compression to for Images, CSS files and JavaScript files using some code added to this site's .htaccess file.

About a month later, I looked at the Crawls Stats on Google Search Console for this site and noticed that the Kilobytes of data downloaded per day seemed to have reduced in general by more than a half. Read More

Making A Change Of WordPress Hosting More Interesting

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I recently moved my site and client sites to new servers to provide a better service as the site and system access was becoming a little slow and I felt it could have been faster.

After researching many hosts for another project, I decided to use the same hosting company for my site and that of my clients, primarily for the following reasons. Read More

Super Fast Shared Web Hosting With Great Support

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I have been wanting to move my site and client sites to a new hosting service for over a year, as I felt the speed and up-time with that of the previous hosting provider could be better.

Well... I had the time and have just moved my site to a new host and to a shared hosting plan with the data center (servers) located in the U.K.

Read More

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