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MySQL Country Table With ISO 3166-1 Numeric, Alpha 2 And Alpha 3 Codes With Domain Extensions

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As the title of this posts states, I have created an updated version of a MySQL country code table from a table that I had previously created.

The previous table had become out of date and the updated table below now also includes domain extensions for each country and for reference and version purposes the year on which the alpha 2 code was introduced for each country.

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How To Go Fast Or Far In The Year

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'If you want to go fast, go alone.'
'If you want to go far, go together.'
- African proverb

Whether it's fast or far you go in 2015...

...have a great year!

The image above is a composite from the cover of the The Good Lie movie, the story of which I believe may somewhat exemplify the African proverb.

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Being Different And Acceptable.

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I was asked by a Client if I had watched a video report by SKY News that they wanted a reference to posted on their site and social networks.

The report is about the generally unacceptable and non discussed topic of being gay and Asian and focuses on homosexuality in the British Asian community with the subject being looked into by Ashish Joshi.

After watching the the report I felt like making a comment:

I believe the root of the issue in the Asian community and perhaps other cultures is not to do with their children or family members being gay but to do with people happy being different and acceptable.

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Reconsidering Study, Qualifications & Experience

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I've never let schooling get in the way of my education.

- Mark Twain

...a quote that Manoj Bhargava gave in his interview on NDTV (see video below).

I have always had a niggling concern about being educated by people who have studied and have qualifications but have never really applied their studies and qualifications for others and themselves in the "real world".

I prefer learning from someone who as substantial experience even if they do not have formal qualifications as I believe experience, and the desire to learn, is somewhat the only qualification that is required.

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9 Ways To Overcome SADness & Depression

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When I say SAD I am actually referring to Seasonal Affective Disorder that Kriss Carr wrote about in her blog post titled "9 ways to conquer seasonal affective disorder".

Sadness & depression however may be one in the same thing, but as with Kriss, it takes some courage to admit to being depressed, and if you are sad or depressed you can often attempt to overcome the emotion by trying to do more or greater of the same things that you have been doing.

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