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How To Change The Logo Size (Increase & Decrease) In Twenty Seventeen

Updated: February 24, 2017 Posted: February 22, 2017~ 1,006 Readers ~ 1 Minute Read 2 Comments >>

The logo in Twenty Seventeen is a fixed size, and it's width, and height, can be increased or decreased in size.

The default logo size.

The logo re-sized.

In this example, the logo has been doubled in size, however, it can also be reduced in size.

Where and how to make the width the menu full screen:


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In WordPress Admin > Appearance > Edit CSS.

Enter the CSS code below.

  • The 700px max-width is double the default width of 350px. To halve the size, change the value to 125px
  • The 160px max--height is double the default height of 80px. To halve the size, change the value to 40px.

The CSS code:

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  • bonsai698 says:

    Hi Bharat,
    is there a way to increase the logo size even more then in your example?

    • Hello, to increase the logo size more than in the example below, then simply multiple the 700px and 160px by how much you want to increase the size by. So, if you want to make it 1.25 times bigger than it appears with the code above use 875px and 188px instead and save the updates in the CSS Editor.

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