Website Change Log

02020.09.21 :
  • Added a second form higher up on the home page for subscribing to the transformation and healing course.
02020.09.02 :
  • Added comments section to bottom of this Changelog page so you can comment, ask or share something about the changes.
02020.09.01 :
  • Updated the introduction on the home page to the introductory transformation and healing course to clarify that it has a scientific foundation and specifically in the field of quantum physics.
02020.08.27 :
  • Added an introduction to the transformation and healing course on the home page and listed the main aspects of life that require attention, transformation and healing.
02020.08.10 :
  • Added an opt-in form to the home page to the transformation and healing introduction course.
02020.07.16 :
  • Add a link to LBRY content on the menu.
02020.06.14 :
  • Added a 'What I'm doing at the moment' section to the home page.
  • Added pagination links to bottom of blog and archive lists (not sure why they disappeared).
  • Added this website change log page.
02020.06.11 :
  • Updated Remote Healing service page and add to main menu.
02020.05.07 :
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