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Design And Project Management Of Financials Website

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From July 1996 to February 1997 I worked with Artewisdom, a small technology development company in London, and with DMB&B Financial, a marketing agency to help develop the very first site for Euroclear, the world’s largest clearance and settlement system for internationally traded securities.

Operated by Morgan Guarantee Trust Company of New York, the Euroclear system is used by sophisticated securities industry professionals, such as broker/dealers, commercial and central banks, investment managers, custodians, and supranationals from more than 80 countries to settle their trades.

The system required an Internet based system that served as a marketing tool and as a secure document management and distribution tool to service global Euroclear participants.

I designed the look and feel of the site in collaboration with Euroclear’s Marketing Managers and DMB&B Financial (Euroclear’s marketing agency).

I also managed the design-production and technical-production teams for Euroclear and DMB&B Financial to deliver the project on time.

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