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Free Report: How To Transform And Heal Your Life Situations

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This post is a log of changes to the free introduction report about transforming and healing your life situations. You can download the report from here.

v2.09 : 13th July 2017
> Added a new remote healing case study (A Fractured Foot Healed In 3 To 4 Weeks, From Initial Medical Advice Of 12 to 18 Weeks).
> Added a case study of y experience of personal transformation and healing (Freedom Out Of The Spiritual Closet).

v2.08 : 6th June 2017
> Updated the whole report with spelling and grammar mistakes (thank you to Peter Reck, The Way Of Liberation)
> Added the purpose of the report and car driving analogy.
> Corrected some spelling and grammar.

v2.07 : 4th June 2017
> Renamed the report to 'Transform And Heal Your Life Situations'.
> Added the purpose of the report and car driving analogy.
> Corrected some spelling and grammar.

v2.06 : 11th May 2017
> Corrected some spelling and grammar.

v2.05 : 7th May 2017
> Fixed an incorrect link.
> Correction to a year from 2007 to 2008
> Added 'What to do' text to section headed 'How you break free and avoid unhappiness'

v2.04 : 2nd May 2017
> A more refined re-write of the previous report from feedback. Thank you all.
> Addition of scientific fact about how our strange our reality is and how it is created.
> Contains more links to supporting online posts and videos.
> Addition of outline list of support options.

v1.13 : 13th April 2017
> Addition of various aspects of life where transformation and healing can be applied.
> Addition of how our desires and plans create suffering.
> Addition of what you have to do when you experience negative, problems and being stuck.

v1.10 : 17th November 2016
> Clarification on how to use the information in the report to create transformation and healing.
> Addition of information on remote healing (distant healing).

v1.09 : 10th November 2016
> Some minor refinement and updates.

v1.08 : 4th November 2016
> Some minor refinement and updates.

v1.07 : 31st October 2016
> Updates to the layout of the report.

v1.06 : 20th October 2016
> Added section on how the law of attraction and manifesting in your reality creates unhappiness, negativity, and problems.

v1.05 : 13th October 2016
> The first latest download-only version of the report. From this point, the latest version is emailed to subscribers only.

v1.04 : 4th October 2016
> Update text to on online and downloadable PDF reports to state that the latest version will only be emailed to subscribers.

v1.02 : 29th September 2016
> Clarification of a few scientific references.
> Deletion of duplicate sentences -- some sort of bug in the post editor.

v1.01 : 25th August 2016
> Correction of spelling and grammar.

v1.00 : 21st August 2016
>Release of the first version of the free report for subscribers.

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