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I once read or heard the question... what message, or advice, would I have for those around me, if I knew I was dying?

…And that message or advice would create the foundation of a very valuable course of life for people, for you.

So, if I was dying right now, the most important advice I would give to you is...

1. Stop whatever you usually do in life, right now.

2. If you're unhappy about anything, raise your level of consciousness.

3. If you're happy, do what you feel like doing, otherwise go to step 1.

Yes, the above advice lasts forever, and if you do what I advise you to do, you will eventually create your own ways of doing the above.

You will...

break free of negativity, problems, and being stuck,

experience your true desires and joys, and

the answers to your questions about life,

all come to you.

Why would I give you such advice?

In 2007, I found myself experiencing some very undesirable situations, some of which felt as if I was dying in a very dark and unfriendly reality.

Almost every aspect of my life was falling apart, but I couldn't work out why it was happening or what to do about it.

The more I tried to make situations better, the worse they became.

As I recalled having experienced joy in the past, I asked the universe for my life back.

The universe showed me how and why everything was falling apart, how it was created, and what to 'do' and not do about it.

The information and teachings I received were based on quantum physics, metaphysics and spiritual experiences.

The information, teachings, their practice and the journey have and continue to help transform, heal, bring insights for, and break free of experiences that we call negativity, problems, and being stuck (unhappiness).

Some shifts, transformation, healings and insights have been quite modest and some have been awesome and close to miraculous.

That is why I am refining all the information, teachings, practices and experiences to create information and exercises that can save you years, if not decades, in:

  • fulfiling your desires but avoiding the deception of wanting.
  • receiving your deepest answers to life without huge effort in searching for them.
  • breaking free from negativity, problems, and being stuck.
  • finding information and practices, and not spending thousands, if not more on self-help techniques.
  • and even if you are happy, perhaps helping you to avoid negativity, problems, and being stuck.

What you can learn to transform, heal and receive insights to:

  • Not knowing whether what you are doing, or want to do in life, is the right thing for you, and whether it is going to keep you happy.
  • Mild unhappiness such as boredom, sadness, tiredness, fatigue, lack of interest, low energy, and lack of sleep.
  • Repetitive undesirable experiences, wanting, being stuck, frustration, worries, feelings of hopelessness and isolation, not liking yourself or your lack of abilities.
  • Greater and long term types of unhappiness such as depression, anxiety, stress, guilt, shame, fear, resentment, regrets, low self-esteem and low self-worth.
  • Unhappiness and problems related to thoughts and mental health, emotions and feelings, your body and it’s physical condition, money and material wealth, other people and relationships.
  • Illnesses from mild colds and flu, to temporary aches and pains, to long-term illnesses, to fatal diseases.
  • Problems with your work, job, career, employment, community, business, studies and other aspects of what you do in life.
  • Losing control, not knowing why everything is going wrong, overcoming disturbing, distressing, fearful experiences.
  • Undesirable events in the outside universe, such as in your local area, your village, town, city or state, your country, and all over the earth in general.
  • Experiencing your current desires creating highly undesirable traps later in life, to saving you from misery and other traumatic experiences, to extending your life as a human.
Everyone’s journey in life is different, and even though the above issues in your life situations can get resolved, they may not always get resolved as you currently desire them to.
I have listed the above types of undesirable life situations as I have experience of transformation, healing and answers from my own journey and that of others, for the exact, lower level, or more intensive versions of many of the listed issues.
And for the undesirable situations that I have not experienced, I know it is possible to experience transformation, healing and insights to any undesirable life situation becuase...
There is something common about all undesirable life situations that a human being can experience.
And that information is in the E-Book which you can download below.
Please note that the information and teachings in the E-Book are NOT for creating any type of quick fix for your undesirable life situations.
However, some people may experience shifts, transformations, healing and insights earlier than others, but there is no timescale when you will experience a change.
To make a start, read the free E-Book, do what you are instructed to do, and some level of transformation and healing will start to happen for you.
As above, E-Book will show you how to do what I advise you to do:
  1. Stop whatever you usually do in life
  2. If you're unhappy about anything, raise your level of consciousness.
  3. If you're happy, do what you feel like doing, otherwise go to step 1.

Download the free E-Book.

Your privacy is respected, and there is no spam.