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Googly (Krystal) Stands

By May 4, 2009 July 11th, 2016 No Comments

Googly has learned how to stand!

I have been wanting to see Googly get more independent and she has been learning to get up on her feet over the past week or so and today, I managed to grab the camera to take a shot of her getting up on her feet on her own.

It was a great to see her get up but greater to see herself happy with her self being able to get up on her own.

2009-05-krystal-standsBy the way, Googly has a shaved head because it seems to be a known fact that when you shave, the hair comes back thicker and stronger.

Sorry Googly - one day you may hate us for this but at the moment you seem cool with it.

See a quick video below.


[videojs webm=""]
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