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Save months in looking for & trialling web systems, and thousands in spending to create, manage & develop websites for your business:

Access 19 years of experience in developing web applications, and integrating systems & communications for businesses.

In 1997, I created my very first websites which were also the first websites for Vandenburgh Foods’ Peperami Snack, Rover’s Mini Motor Car, and J.P. Morgan’s Euroclear Financial System.

Since then I have been developing websites, integrating online systems and creating communications for various businesses, and on my journey, I have helped create a few world firsts.


As an only child, my best friend was a ZX Spectrum computer and when I couldn’t find games to play, I learned how to program code and create my own toys on the computer.

It was a way by which I could creatively express myself and I carried on learning about digital media and creating a variety of products.

Whilst on my university degree course, I was offered a job with a digital media company and was informed it was one if the highest paid jobs a student had been offered from that course in 15 years.

I have since worked with computing technology in various fields from advertising to learning to the web where I have helped to create a few world firsts and mass use applications.

I also like to keep up to date and apply technology applications in general.

How I can help you.

I research and help develop web applications and their content for mass use by maximising reach for multiple browsing devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

I use WordPress as a foundation to develop web applications for new and small business and projects, and then train clients and their teams to manage regular content creation and updates.

I can also help develop custom web applications from scratch.

I can help manage and keep up to date the technology so that web applications continue functioning.

I can help in the on-going development of web and software applications as I believe they are an integral part of most businesses, and can always be made better.

I can help in creating awareness and managing presence on search engines, social media and other niches on the internet where humans “reside” in our virtual reality.

I can help with in-bound marketing to on-site users to help in engagement and conversion for specific business requirements.

I have hands on programming skills to create both static and dynamic asynchronous HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL web browser interfaces for web server systems which can help reduce development costs, and also help in prototyping, briefing and managing larger development teams.

My experience.

Creating, managing, and developing web applications, and related systems and communications: 19 Years.

  • Hands on HTML (Good): 19 Years.
  • Hands on Javascript (OK): 16 Years.
  • Hands on PHP (Good): 13 Years.
  • Hands on MySql (OK): 13 Years.
  • Hands on CSS (OK): 9 Years.
  • Hands on WordPress (Hosted) (Good): 8 Years.

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