I just saw a couple of clips of Eckhart Tolle talking about needing wisdom more than intelligence, and which can come from presence.

Eckhart says:

You are the universe becoming conscious of itself.

You are an essential part of the universe.

And you are becoming conscious as the universe.

One of the greatest spiritual practices is...

...to make the present moment your friend.

To make the present moment your friend is...

...to say yes internally to whatever arises.

But how do you really say yes to whatever arises internally?

Well, it's a bit like wanting to and actually being with someone you want to be with, no matter what happens.

So, no matter what is happening with your thoughts, emotions, body sensations and the outside world, you have to learn to be with all that.

How do you do that? (you may be asking). Click here for a way.

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