Making A Change Of WordPress Hosting More Interesting

March 30, 2016

I recently moved my site and client sites to new servers to provide a better service as the site and system access was becoming a little slow and I felt it could have been faster.

After researching many hosts for another project, I decided to use the same hosting company for my site and that of my clients, primarily for the following reasons.

  • The hosting company was one of 3 that I had selected out of many hosting companies from recommendations of their service and features.
  • The experience of the hosting company’s support.
  • The experience of the hosting features and speed.
  • The ability to locate and cache data on various continents.

The hosting company is SiteGround. Click here to read about their WordPress hosting services.

Moving hosts is not the most pleasant of processes for web developers, nor for clients.

And so I decided to make the server moves a bit more interesting by doing them from different locations from the city to the country.

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