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May 3, 2007

yupea-logo-print-smallI have been re-developing Yupea with an automated system to get a free email address.

The site uses my version of the well known AJAX (Advanced Javascript And XML) but I call it AJAP (Advanced Javascript And PHP), or I could even call it AJAPAM (Advanced Javascript And PHP AND MySQL) as the system works with a MySQL database.

In basic terms, if you look at and use the home page of, it will give you intelligent feedback on the same page. Previously this would normally be done by clicking on form submit buttons over a number of pages to get the same result.

The system allows you to dynamically find an available free personalised email address (powered by Google), register for it, verify yourself and start using your email account within a day or so after your request.

More importantly for Yupea… the search, registration, validity checks, reservation and denial systems are almost fully automated ( I could have fully automated them if Google made their email set-up API available to more than just universities).

Yupea allows you to find and own any available email address. In short you no longer need to use an email like or Рyou can have your own name like or even Рyou better be be quick to get an email like the latter one as these will go very quickly.

I may have some tweaks once live usage has occurred, but the system is quite stable for now – try it out and see if you like it.

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