All things in physical reality, including you, me, everyone else, and everything in the universe, are made up of atoms.

And atoms are made up of smaller particles, which generally include outer rotating electrons, and a central nucleus, which is made up of protons and neutrons.

Scientists have discovered, that when you look into these smaller particles, there is actually nothing physical there.

There are only tiny swirls of vibrating energy inside the particles.

These swirls of energy are a bit like tiny non-visible hurricanes or tornadoes.

This is the quantum level of reality.

So things at the physical level, like you, me, everyone and everything else in the universe, such as animals, trees, rocks, water, phones, cars, planes, buildings, and even planets, all look and feel like things.

But at the quantum level, there is nothing physical there inside anything.

Medicine and surgery work at the physical level, meaning they work in, or on our body.

However, as I said, the physical level of the whole universe, including medicine and surgery for our bodies, and our bodies themselves, is all created at the quantum level.

That is why true healing, can only happen at the quantum level.

So how do you heal at the quantum level?

Well, first, you should know how physical reality is created.

As I said, at the quantum level, everything, even the smallest particles that make up atoms, contain nothing apart from vibrating energy.

When we apply conscious attention and focus on the small particles, the particles behave like physical things.

For example, they behave like tennis balls, in that when you throw many balls one at a time in one direction and at the same speed, they will land roughly in the same place.

When we don't apply conscious attention and focus on the small particles, their behaviour changes, and they don't behave like physical things.

What actually happens is that they each land in one of many different places, even though they are launched in one direction and at the same speed.

Particles at the quantum level have the possibility of being in different places until conscious attention is applied and then they behave like a ball being in one place.

That's how our physical reality is created.

Our conscious attention and focus, make particles at the quantum level feel physically real at the physical level.

Now, remember what I said.

When we don't apply conscious attention and focus on the small particles at the quantum level, their behaviour changes, and they don't behave like physical things.

And that is how healing happens at the quantum level.

You have to take your conscious attention and focus away from the undesirable situation of illness, or any form of unwellness.

That does not mean you ignore an illness and do nothing to help yourself.

It means you have to take away the power of conscious attention and focus that has been applied to create an undesirable situation.

So how do you do that?

How do you take your conscious attention and focus away from an undesirable situation?

There are many techniques and exercises to achieve this, and most of them can be described using the term 'Meditation'.

Meditation exercises which work at the quantum level, help undo the attention and focus that has been applied, in creating the undesirable situation.

If you don't know of a meditation practice, then click here to learn information and meditation exercises which work at the quantum level.

The information and exercises are based on what I have explained above about how physical reality is created, and you can sign-up for free using your email address.

After reading the information, and doing the exercises, if you feel that you want to learn more advanced information and exercises to heal undesirable situations, such as health and other types of unwellness, then contact me here, and I'll be happy to create personal information and exercises, for you.

Please note that by using information and exercises for healing at the quantum level, it does not mean that you don't follow any previous or ongoing medical, nutritional, or any other advice and treatments for your physical, and non-physical health.

If you have any questions or comments about quantum healing, then please let me know in the comments section below.

Video of Quantum Healing Compared To Medicine And Surgery

The video below helps visualise the above text.


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