The following is information that you should read before purchasing the remote healing service at the bottom of the page.

What is remote healing, or distant healing?

The remote healing that I offer is an energy changing technique used on an undesirable life situation where you are experiencing negativity, problems or being stuck.

Remote healing helps create space throughout the undesirable life situation, and that space creates the possibility of a new experience to happen.

The resulting new experience can vary from having insights as to how the undesirable situation is caused, to actually changing the life situation and experiencing a direct transformation and healing.

How transformation and healing happens.

1) Active transformation and healing.

This is when you are the more active transformer and healer of your life situations.

This is where you actively do the energy work to transform and heal your life situations yourself.

This is not what I describe as remote healing, but it is you transforming and healing your life situations yourself.

2) Passive transformation and healing.

I become the more active transformer and healer of your life situations.

This is where I do the energy work to transform and heal your life situations for you.

This second option is what I describe as remote healing.

About remote healing sessions.

When I do the energy work to help heal your undesirable life situation, I do the work over a few time slots over a few days.

I usually do the work over at least 3 time slots, over 2 weeks, sometimes less, and sometimes let you know when I am done.

The time slots over the few days are what I describe as the remote healing sessions.

And the remote healing service is the few healing sessions, over whatever period of time they take, to help heal one undesirable life situation.

Can remote healing help you?

Remote healing can help transform and heal your experiences of negativity, problems, and being stuck in life situations.

You can experience changes both within you in how and what you think, with your emotions, with your behaviour,  and with the outside physical reality.

Remote healing can create experiences and results that our minds may not understand, but when the results have been realised, they often speak for themselves.

Remote healing case studies.

The following examples of remote healing should help you understand what can happen.

What types of life situations can remote healing help you with?

Even though the above examples are health and career related, remote healing can be applied to almost any undesirable life situation.

From research and experience, it seems that most undesirable life situations, and negativity, problems and being stuck are experienced in the following life situations:

  • Money (Income & Spending)
  • Peace & Joy
  • Thoughts & Emotions
  • Health & Fitness
  • Career & Lifestyle
  • Personal Relationships
  • Other Relationships
  • Having Things In Life
  • Life Purpose & Spirituality

When healing results happen better and quicker.

As above, remote healing can help when you experience undesirable life situations.

However remote healing seems to create better results when you simply do not know what you have to do to resolve your undesirable life situations.

I have also found that remote healing outcomes and results are often much better when you really accept that you don't know the answer to your experiences of negativity, problems or being stuck.

And remote healing is often more successful and quicker when you accept that your undesirable life situations can be resolved in ways that your mind currently has no knowing of.

When remote healing does not work.

The following qualities seem to block and prevent remote healing outcomes and results from being experienced.

  • Thinking and believing that you and your intellect have the answers to your problems, and that it is you who can and will resolve your issues.
  • Have a strong will or belief, and even if they are not directly related to the undesirable life situation that you desire to be healed.

Note: If you have the above qualities, then I do not suggest that you purchase this remote healing service. Advice is often given by me (and others), before during and after remote healing sessions, for you to consider or act on which may help resolve your issue. If you do not consider and act on the advice then this may also block and prevent healing outcomes and results from being experienced.

How you experience remote healing.

There are no set outcomes of what you will experience or what will happen in your life situations

However, from experience, the following two scenarios demonstrate the two different experiences that can be had.

1) You experience a direct result of a remote healing.

The remote healing case studies above are examples of clients directly experiencing the results of a remote healing.

A direct remote healing experience usually happens when the person is more accepting, open, and knowing that they do not know how to resolve the issue.

Remote healing results are more pronounced when we let go of thinking of the hows, waiting for the whens, and also our expectations of what will happen.

2) You experience an indirect result of the remote healing.

I can explain an indirect result with a case study where a remote healing was not directly experienced.

I suggested remote healing for someone who had a few undesirable experiences in life.

They accepted the remote healing, but they seemed to be quite strong willed, and perhaps wanting control of their lives and perhaps also thought that their intellect would resolve their life situations.

As above, and from experience, it seems that this type of strength in intellectual and will actually blocks prevents remote healing from creating a healing.

The simplest way to explain that is by accepting that if our mind had the answers, then it would not be experiencing negativity, problems or being stuck, and we would not require external help such as remote healing.

And so we have to let go of the hows, whys, and whens of what will happen.

In the case study, during and after the person's remote healing sessions, I received insights of the cause of their issues, and also potential solutions.

I believe that it was I who received the healing answers, and not the other person, because I believe their strong will and intellect created blocks.

And these blocks prevented the creation of the space within them for healing answers to be received, and also prevented them from experiencing a direct healing.

So, in this case, I received the insight so of why they were experiencing their issues and what could be done by them and so I advised them of what came to me.

As I did not receive feedback, I am not sure of the person acted on the insights and solutions that I gave to them to experience a healing

I believe that this was again due to the person having strong beliefs, will and intellect which blocks the acceptance of insights and solution to actually creating a resolution and healing.

You can experience a direct healing experience with an actual change to your life situation, or you may experience an indirect experience such as me experiencing insights that I pass on to you.

You can also experience everything in between, such as receiving messages from other people and places, where the messages seem to stand out to you more than usual.

What you have to do during the remote healing session.

You actually do not have to do anything in physical reality, but you do have to do something inside yourself.

You have to broaden your level of awareness and acceptance of the physical universe, of the non-physical universe, and how they both exist.

How to broaden your level of awareness and acceptance.

I have written a report to help you broadening your level of awareness to help make your healing successful.

The report has been written from research and practice of information and teachings from quantum physics, metaphysics and spiritual experiences.

You can download the report after you purchase the remote healing session.

You can also download the report now, and read it before you purchase the remote healing service.

The report will help you start to:

  • Broaden your level of awareness and acceptance.
  • Break, free from negativity, problems and being stuck.
  • Experience real and lasting transformation and healing in your life situations.
  • Experience your true happiness, answers and freedom.

You can download the report from this transformation and healing page.

What to do before you purchase the remote healing session.

  1. Think of one undesirable life situation that you desire to be healed.
    Choose a situation where you are experiencing negativity, problems or being stuck.
  2. Write a very short description of that one undesirable life situation.
    The remote healing sessions will be applied to this one undesirable life situation.
    I can help you clarify the undesirable life situation if it feels too broad.

What happens after you purchase the remote healing service?

  1. You download and read the report if you haven't read it before. I advise reading the report at least twice.
  2. You choose the one undesirable life situation you want the remote healing sessions applied to.
  3. Log in to your account, and complete the remote healing request with your one undesirable life situation.
  4. I will let you know when I start the remote healing sessions.
    I then usually have at least 3 remote healing sessions over 2 weeks, sometimes less, and then let you know when I am done.
    You may experience results of the remote healing session over the period I am doing the remote healing sessions, or you may not.
    I may receive insights during the healing sessions, and, if so, I will pass the insights on to you by email.
  5. Simply get on with your day to day life, and follow any intuitive thoughts, ideas, or messages that come to you.
    If you do not experience results before or immediately after I have completed the remote healing sessions, that's OK. It's normal.
    Do not wait for the healing to happen or think about how it will happen. Waiting and thinking about the healing can delay and prevent experiencing a healing.
    I can receive insights after the healing sessions, and, if so, I will pass the insights on to you by email.
    We keep in touch by email as sometimes even when the healing happens, your mind is not aware of it as in the work and business opportunity example above.

The fee is $599 $179 (or $149 from an affiliate)

Yes, the current discounted fee is $420 USD less than the regular fee of $599.

This is because I released the remote healing service in June 2017 and am happy to offer a discount for a limited period.

If you purchase the fee from one my affiliates, you will save a further $30 and the fee will be $149. Please do not contact me to ask me who the affiliates are.

I prefer you to transform and heal your life situations yourself, and that is why I am developing a course and support for you to learn how to break free from and avoid negativity, problems or being stuck.

Until the course and support are ready, remote healing sessions are what most people have requested and which work to help people experience transformation and healing in their life situations.

Once the course and support are released, the remote healing fee will most probably be raised to at least the regular fee, and perhaps to a greater fee than the course and support.

That is because, as above, I prefer you to transform and heal your life situations yourself, rather for you to continuously using remote healing sessions unless of course, that is something you prefer.

How to start remote healing sessions.

We first clarify what it is to be healed.

This is done by email and there is currently no fee for this.

Once we have clarified the issue to be healed, you can purchase the remote healing service below and I can then start the remote healing sessions.

Start for free now.

Click here to go to the help page and send me a brief description of the issue to be resolved, and I will get back to you to help clarify it.

Purchase the remote healing sessions.

  • Each purchase is for healing one issue that is clarified and agreed between us.
  • There are no guarantees of what will or will not happen when the remote healing sessions are completed.
  • There are no refunds for the remote healing service.
  • If you have questions then click here to ask for help.

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