Research On Remote/Distant Energy Treated Vitamin D3 Showing Significant Benefits for Bone Health

April 5, 2019

Below is a link to results from pre-clinical trials for anyone being sceptical about energy healing working or being effective for healing human conditions.

The linked article is about a form of energy healing that is performed remotely, from a distance, with no physical proximity or contact.

In this case, it is remote/distant (from the U.S. to India) energy-treated Vitamin D3 showing significant benefits for bone health.

This is the type of energy healing I have researched, practised on myself and others which has worked in healing health conditions and other situations such as being stuck in life experiences/projects, etc.

It works remotely/from a distant because on a quantum level, everyone and everything is both energy and connected by the zero point field.

This is not Reiki and I repeat that physical proximity or contact is not required.

I can help heal and transform you or your life situation with this type of remote/distant ‘energy healing’ which I have refined to two simple meditations that you can customize yourself depending on your character.

I use the word help because it depends on how open-minded and generally open you are to accept something that you do not know and be accepted for anything to happen.

However, the results are often better when I ‘do what I do’ remotely for your situation and also teach you how to heal yourself and your situation.

I can also teach you to heal the life situations of others.

This is not a last resort approach for anyone, and it is not exclusive/excluding other healing/medication/doing options which can and often have to be used or happen simultaneously.

Anyone interested in learning cab read more here and you can contact me for advanced and specific techniques and applications.

Click here for the pre-clinical trials results article.

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