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Why You Have No Idea What You Are Doing.

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We are generally brought up and conditioned to believe that we have free will in what they do from our education, beliefs, thoughts, desires and actions.

Well, as I have experienced, we do not know anything of such and what we think we know is not what we know.

Watch the video below to see why you have no idea what you are doing.

Also, read below the video about what happened and for an awakening scenario.

What happened?

That has got to be the most shocking experiment I think I've seen on this journey.

The fact that when I become conscious of making a choice, that John can 6 seconds earlier predict what I was going to do before I even realised what I was going to do.

I mean that is absolutely extraordinary.

6 seconds is such a long time.

I mean I sort of don't find it so disturbing that OK sure some part of my subconscious mind is building up to a conscious decision.

But John by looking inside my head, knows, his conscious knows before I consciously know what I am going to do.

That is, that is really shocking.


Let us consider an example situation of two people having a conversation.

One starts the dialogue with either speech or body action which the other person reacts to either by speech or body action.

This conversation continues until a goodbye or at best an au revoir, has been accepted.

If the thoughts that create the feeling or desire to converse by speech or body action are not coming from either one or the other person, then both people are having a conversation that is not “theirs”.

So I now ask you to consider who or what is having the conversation.

The answer is somewhat in the quote from the video above.

John's consciousness knows before the presenter's consciousness knows.

However, in both people, consciousness knows.

Hence conscious knows, and hence also thoughts are not yours but of consciousness.

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